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Four words, just four words!

But they are four of the most important words every uttered. Words that make children feel better when they say them and parents feel better when they know they're true!
These are words that are reserved for a very select group of children, words uncommon in the turbulent and confusing world of adolescence; words used by those few who possess a level of comfort with and within themselves, those who are leaders, not followers those who have self confidence, self worth and self esteem.

These attributes are not natural, they aren't inherited; they are acquired. We gain these traits through "Serial Success". What does this mean? Serial Success is the process of being challenged to an ever increasing level, and being given the tools to be successful prior to and in conjunction with each challenge. By participating in this process we learn that with knowledge, perseverance and adequate tools we acquire the I Know I Can! mind.

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How can you develop this kind of self confidence and self esteem? The same way millions of others over thousands of years have done it, Karate. Parents and students in the U.S. have now come to realize that the gradual process of train, test, provide positive reinforcement and train to the next level has had a positive life influence on those that participate. Because they have been trained for it and they have experienced it; karate students expect success!

Sensei Ken Morgan

2001 World Karate Union Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

What makes me an expert ? I am Ken Morgan, I have been involved in Karate since 1967. As an inductee into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame I have been exposed to the best of the best and I have personally seen the benefits in my life and thousands of others over almost 40 years. Whether a student seeks the immediate objectives of fitness or focus or is looking for long term life changing results that come with systemized learning, goal setting, planning or strategizing; karate will help!

Karate parents and students see big benefits over very short periods!



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Isn't karate just about kicking and punching? Doesn't that make children more aggressive? How can this help a child develop the I Know I Can, mind?

As children we develop our self image based on the reinforcement we receive! The majority of our childhood reinforcement, unfortunately, comes from other children. If we hear;

  • You can't do that!
  • You aren't as good as Bobby!
  • You aren't as pretty as Jane!
  • You aren't as handsome as Mike!
  • You aren't athletic like Karen!
  • You aren't as smart as everyone else!
  • You are too fat!
  • You are too skinny!
  • You are too stupid!

We can never develop the I Know I Can! Mind.

What makes karate students different? By structuring classes for "Serial Success" we insure that each student is challenged to, but not beyond their personal abilities! As their abilities develop we teach them how to accept and champion ever greater challenges! With the "Serial Success" philosophy students replace the negative reinforcement with hours each week of hearing positive reinforcement for demonstrating success!

  • That's it, you can do it!
  • Great!
  • You're getting better every class!
  • You are becoming a great leader in class!
  • The other students look up to you!
  • You make your parents and teachers proud!

This is how we develop the I Know I Can! Mind



How can karate do provide this kind of benefit? Can't children get the same benefits from sports?

Sports programs have emphasis on the physical development of the child, and if they can't keep up they are "cut from the team", essentially this means the coach has fired them! This is the type of negative reinforcement that discourages the child from trying again, this is how the downward spiral of low self confidence and self esteem begins.

No one is cut from karate, our training is designed to help develop the student to their physical and emotional potential. We work with the student to help develop their personal potential; they are motivated to test themselves against themselves and to stretch the envelop of personal experience at their own pace. Since karate, unlike sports, is a life long activity we can take the time to take the "Long View". We have the time to devote personal attention the the needs of each student...and all students (even the best athletes) have areas in which they "feel weak". Our children's program is designed to help the student recognize the fact that they have great personal strengths. Once this is accomplished, the student has the self confidence necessary to work on the skills (physical and otherwise) which need further development, this is the beginning of the I Know I Can, mind!


Karate is not just kicking and punching. We don't just teach our students how to fight the bully on the play ground, we help them to develop the strength to confront the real bullies, low self confidence and low self esteem, we help them to develop the I Know I Can, mind.

Happy, healthy children, with self confidence and high self esteem. This is the goal of "Serial Success" training. Providing the gradual development and positive reinforcement that assures that the student faces life with the I Know I Can, mind.


My son loves taking martial arts . He thinks it is awesome. The improvements I have seen in the past six months are nothing short of phenomenal. He is listening better, he gets in trouble less and has more confidence. The improvements I have seen in my son have convinced me to start my twin daughters and me in his program.


My son started 3 years ago. When he started he was shy and didn't believe in himself. After three years of karate he recently performed a public reading in front of his whole school. He wasn't scared or nervous at all. I was so proud. Thanks to karate, he is no longer shy.


Or a quote from a young black belts:

Martial arts have improved my life by boosting my self esteem and I am more confident in myself. The friends that I have made s have had a very positive effect on my life. My marks in school have gone up. Martial arts have helped me to develop my strengths, both physically and emotionally. Since I have been helping as an assistant instructor, I have enjoyed helping to teach the other students what I have learned. I feel proud to be able to help other students to develop their skills. Martial arts have improved my quality of life.

Parents have begun to realize that the discipline and I Know I Can mind that is demonstrated in the karate school becomes a portion of every part of the students life. From doing homework to doing the dishes, the student has a new perspective on the value of positive attitude and perseverance.
The importance of self confidence and self esteem cannot be over-emphasized. Seeing a shy child perform for the first time in front of a group. Hearing a child voice their opinion in front of others. Knowing that the student truly feels competent to compete, in karate, in school and in life; that's the beauty of the I Know I Can, mind.

In less than a month our students begin to show a difference that will last a lifetime. From improved self esteem to planning and goal setting skills; critical thinking and situational analysis. It doesn't take long before the student and the parent realizes; there truly is strength in the I Know I Can, mind.

In the short term they will study hard and work hard, because they want the rewards that come from another "Stripe on the Belt". Before long they will begin to see that the stripe is simply the symbol; the real reward is the way they feel! Ultimately the small successes will fuel larger successes, until success is no longer an unusual surprise, it's the norm for those with the I Know I Can, mind.

By the end of the first few months of karate, our students show the kind of confidence that they, and their parents, are proud of. They are confident enough to say I Know I Can and more importantly they have the confidence to say NO!

They begin to say no to all the things that are negative in their lives. They say no to bad influences, they say no to drugs, they say no to smoking they say no to predators who lurk in the shadows of society; they are strong enough in themselves to do the right thing, even when it's hard.

Our job is more than teaching karate; we teach success. We work hard on insuring that the lessons inside the karate school have value in all facets of the students life. But don't be confused, we do teach karate. Our instructor staff and student body are committed to being the very best they can be in everything we do, and we do karate. We work hard on conflict avoidance and resolution and we are all taught when self defense is appropriate and how to be effective when required.

If you are still trying to determine if karate is for your child, here's how you can find out for sure. For our new students I am willing to offer;

2 semi private 20 minute lessons (a $50 value) I am offering you two 20 minute semi private lessons as part of this incredible package (no strings attached)

Watching your child begin their first lesson with a Hall of Fame Black Belt is an amazing experience.

Class one: Paying respect. As we bow to each other you will you will see your child exhibiting respect and dignity. During this lesson you will also hear your child recite the first principle of our school creed "Positive development is a result of positive thought and action. I will avoid influences that limit my positive development". In this class you will see your child learn the basics of balance and motion, focus and respect. You will be amazed as your child learns, and demonstrates, their very first karate technique.

Class two: Paying Respect. Your child will progress in the process of giving and receiving respect. They will review and demonstrate their previous lesson and they will recite the second principle of our school creed "I will exercise self discipline and perseverance in order to develop personal strength and integrity". And they will learn a second karate technique that will help to promote additional confidence and the I Know I Can mind.

Only two classes will really make a difference; your child will begin to develop the kind of self confidence and self esteem that can only be found in the I Know I Can, mind.

2 weeks of unlimited classes: this will give your child a chance to meet and make friends with other beginners and our instructor staff.

An authentic Kaiyou Shin Kai Karate uniform: (a $50 value ) One of the most proud moments of your child's life will be the very first time they put on their uniform and tie the belt around their waist, they know it's a life changing experience.


By taking advantage of this offer your child will be on the way to increased self confidence and self esteem as well as developing the I Know I Can, mind.

Registering is simple; Call me directly at 757 474 1030 or fill out the registration form below.

There is no obligation for further lessons and the uniform is yours to keep.

REMEMBER: This offer is only good through don't put off starting your child on the path the the I Know I Can, mind.


Ken Morgan

PS remember, your registration package is worth over $160; private lessons, two weeks of unlimited classes and an authentic Kaiyou Shin Kai karate uniform. Register now so you don't miss out on this fantastic offer.

Our Pledge to You;

We will strive to provide excellent martial arts training and a positiive life influence for every student, every day.

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